Winning With Shopify

EP 2: Building a 7 Figure $ Shopify Store - The Story of How Bumpin Blends Made It Happen!



This episode is not to be missed - We are joined today by Lisa Mastela - Founder & CEO of Bumpin Blends!Lisa has a fantastic story of how she started Bumpin Blends and bootstrapped it to 7 figures! Nick and Lisa delve into how she runs an almost entirely subscription-based business, how the predictability of subscriptions can be beneficial for customers & the business, creating a community beyond your product and lots more! Check out Bumpin Blends below and Lisa has given all Winning With Shopify listeners 20% off ANY Bumpin Blends bundle with code: WINNING in building subscriptions into your business? Check out how can help Recharge here: rechargepayments.comWant to get involved in the podcast? Enquire here! the show