Belonging: A German Reckons With History And Home
  • By Nora Krug
  • Duration: 3:44:48
  • Narrator: Nora Krug
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster

This reading group guide for Belonging includes an introduction, discussion questions, and ideas for enhancing your book club. The suggested questions are intended to help your...

Our Lady Of The Snows
  • By Aldivan Teixeira Torres
  • Publisher: Tektime

In difficult decisions, the virgin Mary enlightens her faithful.PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

Torn 1: Book 1: A Bad Boy Romance
  • By Liz Levoy
  • Publisher: DAO PRESS

Torn 1A Bad Boy Romance“Why did you choose this life, Johnnie? What is so special about it?”My motorcycle club. My family. Or, is it? It sure is the closest thing I...

The Return To The Cabin
  • By Aldivan Teixeira Torres
  • Publisher: Tektime

A task was been fulfilled. Now, was left for the noble dreamer to try to predict future events. There was a lot more to learn.PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

Climbing The Mountain
  • By Aldivan Teixeira Torres
  • Publisher: Tektime

A dream despaired leads a young man to risk a venture. Simply, the sacred mountain is his last hope of success.PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

Conflictive Situation
  • By Aldivan Teixeira Torres
  • Publisher: Tektime

A family full of vices, misery and despair. What can a young person do in this situation? well, there is a point in life that we have to make firm decisions, although the...

The Final Reaping
  • By Jason Ray Forbus
  • Publisher: Ali RIbelli Edizioni

Stay alert. Surrender not to the Crows. Sing freely, and let your voice shake the foundations of the world. The acclaimed graphic novel written by Jason R. Forbus and illustrated...

The Story Of Cain And Abel
  • By Aldivan Teixeira Torres
  • Publisher: Tektime

This is a reflexive tale about duality. It is necessary to position ourselves in relation to free will, our choices and their consequences. Only in this way will we be able to...

Love Campaign: A Contemporary Romance
  • By Liz Levoy
  • Publisher: StreetLib

Love CampaignA Contemporary RomanceWhen Brisk Insurance needs a new marketing campaign and they shortlist both Wonderworks and Imagine Solutions to tender for the job, Allie has...

The Weight Of Air - Colored Comic
  • By Ricardo Tronconi
  • Publisher: Ricardo Tronconi

A freaky and uncanny narrator, insane in appearance, yells a hopeless warning to readers: they must go away while they still can! The story he's about to report is...

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