Winning With Shopify

Create a WOW brand that will boost sales and increase customer loyalty



Your brand is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business—both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t...You must Create a WOW brand that will boost sale and increase customer loyaltyThis is before your ads, before your PR and before your social media posts.Seth Godin is one of my idols. He talks about the need to stand out, be a remarkable brand. Get the free download here: this podcast  episode I am:Not talking about your logoNot talking about spending $1 million dollars on ads or brandingPresenting simple steps any Shopify merchant can take to create a brand that makes people notice you and want to purchase what you sell.Showing you that you don’t need to be selling something unique, this even works for Dropshipping storesExplaining what I mean about "brand". Your story, congruent information, explain what you sell, what makes you different.Support the show ( want to take a m