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The Rules To Step Into Real Success



Belinda Ellsworth has been a professional speaker and sales trainer for the past 25 years. She has worked as a corporate consultant, advising a variety of companies from start-ups to multi-million dollar powerhouses. Belinda is an international best-selling author with the popular For Dummies franchise and in the host of her own podcast Work From Your Happy Place In today's episode we discuss actionable steps:- The four pillars of success Focus Commitment  Consistency  Organization - The four income-producing activities  - Your power hour every day - Multi-tasking is not your friend The questions asked: What is a success and how do you craft your success story? Why is goal setting so important in achieving success? With more people not setting goals than ever before, what do you contribute this to? Most people abandon a goal after 1-3 months. What do you believe the overall cause of that is? What are the best strategies for achieving a goal? Give us some tips on daily action steps that contribute to achi