Winning With Shopify

Successful Shopify Merchant & Super Influencer Nicole Shiraz Talks How To Sell



Despite no financial help, Nicole Shiraz took a gamble and pumped her own savings into her very own first business. A successful empire grew from these humble beginnings, and Boss Ladies was born. Nicole pushed her business to suit the every day woman’s budget and schedule. There are now over 100 amazing luxury handbags worn by all types of women across Australia and the number is rising steadily.Her business offers advice and inspiring tips, geared to changing the way women look, feel and spend their money - empowering women to not only look like a boss but be a boss!Nicole has her media and travel experience to thank, working 5 years for TV networks such as Chanel 7, Fox Sports and ESPN to living in big cities such as Singapore, New York and Los Angeles.Nicole hopes to help more women overcome self-esteem issues of social media pressure.You are a very unique guest as you come from both sides so I would love to cover both today. What has been your overall marketing strategy with Boss Ladies?What % of your st