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How To Unf*ck Your Mindset And Have Him PROVIDE



Is the story you are telling yourself keeping you from attracting your ideal relationships and stopping you from asking for what you want? Tune in as I share how UnF’king my mindset turned him into a provider and how one Sugar is holding on to her independence that is blocking her from asking for what she wants as she takes a seat on my love seat and what I shared with her will have you saying out loud that you are worthy of having someone financially assist you. +++++++++++ SHOW NOTES | Because SHOW NOTES are EVERYTHING when you didn’t remember from listening. +++++++++++ FREE Facebook Group Want to upgrade your relationships and join our FREE Facebook Group? Put your name on the waitlist to be notified: In the US? Text: SUGAR SUPPORT to the number: 33444 SUBE Society (Sugars United through Beneficial Experiences): Access the most hands-on, helpful, here’s-exactly-what-you-should-do, 24/7 support group for all things necessary to upgrade your lif