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The Perception of Beauty: How to Evaluate Your Own Self-Worth



It's not easy letting go of relationships that no longer serve us. And in most cases it’s the relationship we have with ourselves that needs to go. The perception of how we see ourselves comes with a cost. The cost of self-love from what we believe. Sometimes you have to change yourself to find yourself. Tune in to hear how one Sugar is getting in her own way of allowing others to connect with her. As that thing you been wanting to change that you’ve been putting off for that reason you keep telling yourself. Will have you doing something about it right NOW. +++++++++++ SHOW NOTES | Because SHOW NOTES are EVERYTHING when you didn’t remember from listening. +++++++++++ FREE Facebook Group Want to join our FREE Private Facebook Group? This group is for women seeking men who enhance their lifestyle. In the US? Text: SUGAR SUPPORT to the number: 33444 SUBE Society (Sugars United through Beneficial Experiences): Access the most hands-on, helpful, here’