Happy Hour with Lucy & Nikki

Bants with Australian Female Comedian Becky Lucas



Hey Punters, in today's episode the girls go on a wild journey of bants with comedian and now author, Becky Lucas. Honestly strap in guys you are in for one wild ride!ANNOUNCEMENT!!!Happy Hour Live show is back bby's and this time will be visiting the Punters in Melbourne on 12th August and Sydney on 19th August. Keep an eye out on our IG on where to purchase your tickets!Breakdown of the episode- Wildest story- Introducing Becky- A day in the life of a comedian- Her book release- What it's like being a female in a male dominated industry - Why Twitter has banned her for life- How to not give a f*&k- Having a 'thick skin'- Online trolls- Wild stories- What's next for BeckyThis episode was brought to you by Status Anxietywww.statusanxiety.com.auUse code: WILDONES20 to receive 20% off at checkout.Valid until 5th JulyIf you would like to show your support for Happy Hour please 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts and 'follow' on Spotify and we would j'adore it if you would rate and review x CREDITS:Hosts: Lucy Jack