Happy Hour with Lucy & Nikki

The moment Allira Potter knew she was psychic



Hey Punters, today we have the amazing Allira Potter on our podcast who is an empowerment, mindset, spiritual coach & a voice for the Aboriginal community. On this episode we discuss Allira's connection to the spiritual world, female sexual empowerment and the moment that she realised she was trying to escape her life through partying and needed to make a positive change. Breakdown of the episode- Wildest story- Allira shares what she does - How Allira started on her spiritual path - How does Allira receive messages from the spiritual world - Allira talks about hitting her rock bottom - Allira talks about her divorce - How COVID impacted Allira's life - Allira pulls an angel tarot card for us- Tips for shifting a negative mindset - The pressure to have our shit together in our 30's - Allira talks about writing a book - Lucy asks Allira have you ever been in love?- What's next for Allira If you would like to show your support for Happy Hour please 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts and 'follow' on Spotify and w