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All Eyes on Minnesota - OTA Podcast Episode 366



This week on the podcast, Cory visits San Francisco and Rob is going to get his shot this week. Our focus then shifts like the rest of the nation to Minnesota, as the police killing of Daunte Wright has raised tensions at the same time the Derek Chauvin trial is taking place just ten miles away. We break them both down, also the repeal of the Law Enforcement Officers bill of rights in Maryland.  We also talk about Matt Gaetz's Venmo, McConnell telling corporations to stay out of politics, and the latest with the pandemic and vaccine rollout.   OTA Podcast Episode 366: All Eyes on Minnesota  otheanthem.com/366.html     Find more O The Anthem     OTheAnthem.com   facebook.com/OTheAnthem   twitter.com/OTheAnthem   instagram.com/OTheAnthem   image used under creative commons with modification from user Doug Wallick on flickr  https://www.flickr.com/photos/dwallick/3093512892/