Conrad Rocks

Power Evangelism and Discernment



While doing spirit-led evangelism and praying in the spirit, there are different sources of information that arise. . I will be addressing some of the different sources today. These are pearls of spiritual evangelism; The prophetic is a mess right now; My new age background; Eph 6:18 tells us to pray in the spirit for people; Different sources of spiritual info; Demons or familiar spirits; Our heart can deceive us Jer 23:16 ; We are to commune with our hearts Psalms 4:4; Paul goes from flesh to spirit; Discernement comes from use Heb 5:12-14; The recipient projects in the spirit; Law of attraction in scripture; The Spirit of God; God confirms - my example; Principalities cause spiritual traffic; It is useful even if it is from a bad source; We need prophetic mentorship; 1 Cor 14 is a good example; huddling after evangelism; FIST LINKS: