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Derek Chauvin Trial - OTA Podcast Episode 364



This week on the podcast, we start off with the blocking of the Suez Canal before coming back into Los Angeles to discuss the situation with homelessness taking place in Echo Park for the past week. After that we talk about the start of the Derek Chauvin trial in the killing of George Floyd and what our thoughts are on the case going forward. We also discuss voting suppression bills, the filibuster, and the controversy over Lil Nas X and Nike. Next, we go over the latest in covid news including fears of impending doom and Deborah Birx saying everything over 100,000 deaths was avoidable. We finish by giving a quick preview of the Orioles with opening day this Thursday.   Topics and Timecode     0:00:00 Intro   0:02:49 Suez Canal   00:14:40 Homeless in Echo Park   00:30:27 Derek Chauvin trial begins   00:51:10 Voting Rights  01:09:23 Lil Nas X Nike shoes  01:20:27 Covid news  01:33:32 Orioles Opening Day   OTA Podcast Episode 364: Derek Chauvin Tria