Conrad Rocks

Shutting the Door to Demons - Maintaining Deliverance



Deliverance is awesome, but repentance is key to maintaining victory! Show notes: There are open doors to the devil; Jesus says sinning makes things worse John 5:14; The tormenting compulsion thought stops when delivered; Difference between body, soul, and spirit ; If you don't repent, seven more wicked come Matt 12:43-45; A vision of wooden fence explaining matt 12:43-45; Difference between projecting and receiving in prayer ; God speaks to us in the night season Job 33:14,15; Communing with our hearts in the night seasons; We cast the beam out of our own eye Matt 7:5; The blind man exception to the rule; Matt 7:21-23 We have to know Jesus personally; Non-Christians using the name of Jesus as an incantation; Most people want deliverance without repentance; Continuing in the Word for Freedom; Paul supports what Jesus said and not contradicts; Hospitals mainly operate on unbelief; Christians must depart from iniquity 2 Tim 2; We purge ourselves of iniquity; God chastens those He loves Heb 12:6-11; Our strugg