Chasing Dreams With Aimee J.

Ep. 206: William Hung​ - Champion By Choice



There may be no one in recent years who has endured more public criticism than today’s guest. He’s taken it in stride to springboard into several career endeavors, maintaining his optimism and happy energy while doing so! After his American Idol audition, William Hung’s rendition of “She Bangs” became famous for all the wrong reasons. Despite the harsh criticism he endured, William persevered, going on to attract a cult following, release three albums, and performing live with Ricky Martin in Las Vegas. A motivational speaker and professional optimist, William is proof that the underdog can succeed when you rise above the haters and choose to be happy. William has appeared on media outlets like FOX, ABC, CNN, and NBC, and in such publications as Rolling Stone magazine, TIME, and USA Today. He’s been a featured guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Born in Hong Kong, William now resides in Los Angeles and has written a brand new book, Champion by Choice.  Making choices Have you ever been a