The Twilight Highlight Zone

The Twilight Highlight Zone - Episode 6



It's Monday, which can mean only one thing: It's time for a new episode of the Twilight Highlight Zone. Ben Hanson and I are watching every episode of the classic sci-fi show and sharing our important thoughts. Join us! We're in the home stretch, with only one more episode to go before the end of season one. I feel like I've learned a lot so far. People used to be far more attractive. Hanson likes to use fancy film-school terms. And slot machines used to have little tiny legs. As always, we invite you to watch the show on Netflix (or wherever finer shows from the late '50s / early '60s are streamed) and join in the discussion. This week's podcast covers the following episodes: 26. Execution 27. The Big Tall Wish 28. A Nice Place to Visit 29. Nightmare as a Child 30. A Stop at Willoughby And if you've somehow managed to miss out on a previous episode (GASP!), you can catch up by clicking the appropriate links below. Episodes 1-5 Episodes 6-10 Episodes 11-15 Episodes 16-20 Episodes 21-25