The Twilight Highlight Zone

The Twilight Highlight Zone - Episode 8: The Franklins for Season 1



The votes are in! After powering through the first season, Ben Hanson and I are handing out our awards for Twilight Zone excellence. Check out this special episode to see what moments, actors, and more made the cut as we look back over season one. Thanks to the commenters on last week's episode for submitting some excellent categories. I hope I'm not spoiling anything when I say that this is the best episode ever. Don't believe me? Hit the play button below and see/hear for yourself. Why would I lie to you? Do I look like the physical manifestation of dishonesty in a poorly scripted melodrama or something? Sheesh. Ben and I have been having a great time putting these together, and we're looking forward to digging into season two of the show in a few weeks. We will be taking a month or so off, as we catch up on the episodes and do life stuff. In the meantime, thanks for the feedback and support. We really do appreciate it. If you missed out on any of our previous episodes, you can check 'em out by clickin