The Twilight Highlight Zone

Twilight Highlight Zone - Season 2, Episodes 26-29



Ben Hanson and I are wrapping up season two of The Twilight Zone, and with it, the second season of our Twilight Highlight Zone podcast. If you haven't been keeping up, the concept is dead simple. We watch the show, then blab about each episode in blocks of five or so. This is the last batch from season two, and while it might not have the full five-episode course, it's pretty decent nonetheless. Or is it?! The next episode is our second-annual Franklin Awards, where we give the best and worst episodes, actors, and other elements the attention they deserve. Tune in next week for that. In the meantime, you can catch up on earlier episodes by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes. Here's what's covered in this podcast: 26. Shadow Play 27. The Mind and the Matter 28. Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up 29. The Obsolete Man