The Twilight Highlight Zone

Twilight Highlight Zone - The Full Recap



Look, I know we promised that today we'd be unleashing our Mega-Franklins that awarded the best and worst episodes for the entire run of the series, but we needed a little more time to make it the greatest podcast in recorded history. Instead, we decided to give you this fun bonus episode. After recording The Franklins for the fifth season, I kept the mics rolling as I surprised Jeff Cork with a pop quiz. I read off the title for all 156 episodes of The Twilight Zone to test how well we remember this show that we've devoted so much time to studying and debating. You can listen to the podcast below or subscribe to us on iTunes. Stay tuned next week for our ultimate awards show, it'll be fun. I hope this episode serves as a nice reminder of some episodes you might have forgotten. If you're interested in diving into our archives, here's a list of every episode of our podcast and which episodes of The Twilight Zone that it covers... Season 1 Where Is Everybody, One for the Angels, Mr. Denton on Doo