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919. Driving Growth In the Digital Landscape | Leveraging Content, Social Media, And Segmentation



In this episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Kelly shares the strategies she is doubling down on in 2023 and driving growth across five companies.  Establishing a personal brand is crucial for success. Kelly is an expert in this field and can guide you through the process. She has proven strategies to create valuable educational content, build strong relationships with your audience, and launch other ventures. Kelly's approach involves monetization by converting content into sales, launching high-ticket items, and selling low-ticket items on social media. With her guidance on audience segmentation, sales and marketing strategies, employee retention, and staying focused, you'll be on the path to success by 2023.  Also in this episode: Audience building, creating reciprocity based on the value The importance of building your internal buyers list Compelling reasons to focus on goals, not external things Content monetization  Join the skill with simplicity workshop  | Get a copy of the content conversion launch