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911. Signs of a Leader: Understanding The Characteristics of Incredibly Successful Multi-Seven And Eight-Figure CEOs In Today's Business World



In this episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Kelly explores the signs of a leader as well as the traits and characteristics of multi-seven and eight-figure CEOs. These high-achieving leaders are decisive and able to make quick decisions, taking full responsibility for the outcomes. They understand the importance of building a trusted inner circle and relying on their strengths while hiring for their weaknesses. We also discuss the Legacy Leaders Mastermind, a high-level program that helps entrepreneurs in the multiple seven and eight-figure range grow their businesses exponentially. The program focuses on high-level team strategy and offers a supportive community of big thinkers who execute at a high level.  Also in this episode:  Strong CEOs are decisive and fast Why the seven-figure mark is about engineering and not doing Having a small inner circle but a high level of trust Giving autonomy but not abdicating power Knowing what really matters and having high standards in those matters Motivating yourself by cr