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907. Kelly And Danielle On How To Build Your Personal Brand



In today's episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Kelly talks with the President of Kelly Roach International, Danielle Cevallos, about how to build your personal brand separate from your business brand.  This episode is the second installment of the discussion. To catch up with part one, tune in to Danielle's recently launched podcast, Personal Brand School. In this episode, Kelly and Danielle further deliberate on the significance of establishing a personal brand and how it varies from a business brand. The duo takes a deep dive into people's common mistakes and provides guidance and resolutions for developing your personal brand. Also in this episode: You need to either learn social media or hire somebody to run it for you The importance of being consistent Everyone has a personal brand whether they realize it or not The majority of your social media post should be useful to your audience, and not self-promotion  Stay Connected With Danielle: Follow Danielle on LinkedIn and Instagram Stay Connected With Kelly