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902. How C.E.O's Can Transform Their Business And Avoid Burn Out By Planing A Sabbatical



In today's episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Kelly discusses how C.E.O's planning a sabbatical can transform their business and help them avoid burnout. As business owners and C.E.O's it is easily lost in our quest for never-ending achievement. Many business owners have experienced unmanageable levels of burnout, which can take a toll on their health and the company. Kelly shares why she firmly believes in planning a sabbatical to avoid burnout rather than taking a sabbatical to recover from burnout. Also in this episode: Why you need to give your team autonomy to grow The most important thing that you can do to prevent burnout Planning for a sabbatical is similar to planning for maternity leave How Kelly's first sabbatical changed her life for the better Click here for the Legacy Leaders application: Stay Connected With Kelly:  Follow Kelly on Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Youtube | Kellyroachcoaching.com  Grab one of Kelly's bestselling books: Unstoppable: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Busines