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904. Kelly And Danielle On How To Choose The Battles In Your Business



In today's episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Kelly talks with the President of Kelly Roach International, Danielle Cevallos, about choosing your battles in your business. Entrepreneurs are often faced with countless challenges and obstacles. It can be tempting to tackle them all at once. That approach will quickly lead to burnout and failure. That's why it's essential to choose your battles wisely and focus your energy on the most critical issues that will significantly impact your business. During their conversation, Kelly and Danielle share their insights on prioritizing and choosing the battles that matter most in your business. Also in this episode: How to thrive in a tough environment You need to be committed to building skills and integrity The importance of evaluating your priorities and priorities How to step down from your high horse Stay Connected With Danielle: Follow Danielle on LinkedIn and Instagram Stay Connected With Kelly:  Follow Kelly on Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Youtube | Kellyroa