Ontrack With Judy Warner

Promoting the Electronic Industry to Younger Generation



IPC continues to develop resources to bring awareness about the electronics industry to the young generation. In this episode, we are very fortunate to have Charlene Gunther, the Senior Director of the IPC Education Foundation. We will talk about IPC’s efforts to involve students in engaging activities that will introduce the electronic industry to them as early as high school. Join us and watch through the end. We added some great resources below so be sure to check them out. Watch this episode here Get Your First Month of Altium Designer® for FREE Episode Highlights: Charlene Gunther introduction and a brief overview of her role as the Senior Director of the IPC Foundation Charlene talks about the IPC three pillars: awareness, engagement, and connections The IPC launched the website www.careersinelectronics.com which aims to attract students and job seekers within the electronics industry The IPC student chapter plays a big role to attract and involving students in skill development training and networking