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A Lookback to the Evolution of the PCB Industry with Happy Holden



Happy Holden, a legend in the PCB Industry and one of our favorite Altium Industry Expert contributors gives us a trip to his 53 years of experience in the industry. From a chemical engineer, and PCB manufacturing expert to an educator with his countless contribution to the PCB industry’s wealth of knowledge through his books, column, and keynote presentations. Watch this episode now Show Highlights: Introduction to Happy Holden and an overview of his career in the PCB Industry What drove the PCB manufacturing off-shore? The printed circuit industry has been all over the map, to begin with Happy shares his early years in printed circuit manufacturing Comparing CAD tools from the 80s and the present – computers, calculators, and software Happy talks about photonic circuits back in 1998 and how it is a hundred thousand times more capable than electronic communication and have no signal integrity issue HP’s first notebook computer Happy retired from HP and moved to Taiwan Happy started working at Gentex Michigan