Ontrack With Judy Warner

Achieving Diversified Electronics Supply Chain



In this episode, we continue the discussion on diversifying the electronic supply chain. Our guest Case Engelen the CEO of Titoma shares his insight about moving some of the manufacturing to other Southeast Asian countries and South America.  Watch this episode now and check out the show notes and additional resources below. Show Highlights: Case Engelen introduces himself and his company Titoma Offshoring, onshoring, and diversifying supply chain, why do the majority of components manufacturing may stay in China for 5 more years? Building prototypes and optimizing your design following the factory’s specifications Case talks about the importance of component architecture early during the design phase The difference between how US and Chinese market their product and their selling strategies Diversifying manufacturing in Southeast Asia and South America, Taiwan is a little more expensive than China, but Columbia is more competitive when it comes to cost The advanced manufacturing capabilities in China are qui