Peter King, The Mmqb Podcast

Bruce Arians, Head Coach Arizona Cardinals, and Andy Dalton, QB Cincinnati Bengals



Bruce Arians, Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals, and Andy Dalton, QB for the Cincinnati Bengals, have a conversation with Peter King Bruce Arians starts with a story about York Peppermint Patties and why he doesn’t want to eat them anymore. Arians tells Peter what the word coach means to him and how the scholarship to Virginia Tech changed his life. He remembers the last words and football lesson that Bear Bryant told him. Arians shares the phone call that left him without a contract in Pittsburgh. Arians looks back on his relationship with Chuck Pagano and learning some horrible news. Arians reveals for the first time what caused a panic attack. Peter and Bruce discuss what brought him to Arizona. Arians talks about diversity in coaching and how to really make it happen. The answer to the question about Bruce Arians and his hats is finally revealed. Andy Dalton talks to Peter King about the disappointment of not finishing out the best year he’s had. Dalton talks about what he does during the off s