Peter King, The Mmqb Podcast

John Elway, GM Denver Broncos, and Philip Rivers, QB San Diego Chargers



John Elway, GM of the Denver Broncos and Philips Rivers, QB for the San Diego Chargers each sit down for a conversation with Peter King In this episode, John Elway talks about retirement, his subsequent career venture in car dealerships and getting back into football. The Football legend discusses the precious time he spent with his dad before he passed. He highlights the importance of building teams and choosing the players to surround himself with. Elway make a point of being the guy who talks the truth to players. He knows they might not like what he says but he wants to have a reputation for players trusting what comes from his mind. Elway gives an insight into off-the-field operations by discussing bringing Peyton Manning into the organization and the difficult talk of asking him to take a salary cut in his last year. Peter King also spoke to Philips Rivers about the chances that this may the last season for the Chargers in San Diego and what it means to him being back this year. Rivers explain