Peter King, The Mmqb Podcast

Chairman of the NFL Competition Committee Rich McKay, Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders Jack Del Rio and San Jose Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy



Peter King talks to NFL Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay, Oakland coach Jack Del Rio and San Jose Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy. McKay talks about centralizing replay and taking the final say on replay out of the hands of the referee on the field. He explains why the public should trust a VP of Officiating (Dean Blandino) who has never been an NFL official, and he discusses the fate of the 10-minute overtime period. Del Rio grew up a Raider fan and remembers his personal sadness when the team moved. He explains his 30 percent rule that he’ll use with his team about Las Vegas, and his plan to deal with the distraction of the news on his Super Bowl-contending team. Purdy talks about the weirdness of the Raiders playing in Oakland for at least two years as lame ducks, how the move actually happened, and the future of football in San Francisco and Oakland.