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Power Testing PCB



Functional testing is when you power up an electronic device for the first time and then perform voltage rail checks and programming of processors, and more. And this is exactly what FixturFab offers their customer. In this episode, Zach is talking with the co-founders of FixturFab, Duncan Lowder and Joe Selvik. They will have a chat about automated test fixtures and turnkey systems that aid low to medium electronic production to deliver successful devices. Watch this episode here. Show Highlights: Jow Selvic and Duncan Lowder introduction and engineering backgrounds What is FixturFab’s test fixture? Duncan briefly explains how it works – the mechanical, electrical, and software aspects of it A turnkey test system designs and delivers specific test cases and dives into detail about how a circuit board was designed and gathers reports Bolina an IIOT device deployment engine allows the management of Test Fixtures remotely An ideal customer for FixturFab is anyone who designs or manufactures their hardware, the