Ontrack With Judy Warner

Picotest’s Water-Cooled Probe



Having Steve Sandler in this episode is such a treat! He talks about his presentations at the upcoming DesignCon 2023 in Santa Clara. He gives us a deep dive into some very complex engineering topics, including measuring the PDN Flatness and the state space model. Download this episode Show Highlights: Steve Sandler is in the running for Engineering of the Year along with Ken Wyatt Steve is doing a two-and-a-half-hour tutorial on PSMR, PSOR, and PSMR testing at the DesignCon. Molex and Tektronix are both participating in the live demonstration He s also doing a presentation with Heidi Barnes, Bandanin, and Ben Denon A lot of conferences are going virtual. The reach is undeniably great, however, what are the pros and the cons? What is valuable to who? Steve talks about the conception of Picotest in the US Picotest made the very first water-cooled probe which he will be showing at the DesignCon Innovative solutions can take decades from conception to fruition, Steve shares his PdD thesis from 2011 that got hi