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FPGAs Are Moving Beyond Prototyping



If you look at the way people have used FPGAs, they are a miracle product in many ways. -Mark Oliver Our guest Mark Oliver, VP of marketing at Efinix talks about the evolving role of FPGAs in the industry beyond prototyping. Mark will give us a very insightful use of FPGA as an efficient custom silicon solution and will go deep on the importance of RISC-V for processor designs. Watch this episode here Show Highlights: Introduction to Efinix, an FPGA company Mark starts off by addressing the inefficient ways designers use FPGAs and how this has helped them develop a product that can be utilized from prototyping and straight to high-volume manufacturing Efinix FPGAs are cost-effective, low-power, and small-form efficient for custom silicon solution The common FPGAs integration including the SIP (Session Initial Protocol) implementation FPGA market is set to explode because it is going in the same direction as the current industry growth they  are designed as mid-volume production solutions with the potential