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Better PCB Buying with Greg Papandrew



Expedite your transition from prototype to scale with the help of an experienced PCB broker! In this episode, a returning guest joins us to discuss everything that involves cost-effective PCB manufacturing. Greg Papandrew, a PCB buying and selling expert, gives us a comprehensive understanding of PCB cost drivers and tips on a good supply chain strategy. Watch this episode here Show Highlights: The process of buying and selling, Greg Papandrew is a PCB broker with 30 years of experience in the industry Greg emphasizes the importance of quoting smartly, learning when, where, and how to save money without sacrificing the PCB quality What is a good supply chain strategy? Greg dives deep into his role as a PCB broker, and his involvement in the decision making involving specs, materials, cost, and more Sending too much information can be problematic, and it involves the vulnerability of intellectual property Good communication with the PCB manufacturer and fabricator can go a long way; asking the right questions