Meatier Marketing Copy Insights on Copywriting that Generate Leads and Spark Sales

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Unleash the power of words to sell. It's easier to attract potential customers and persuade them to buy when you understand your audience and respect the nuances of language.

Discover how to select tone, details, imagery, numbers, facts, verb tenses, punctuation, pronouns and more to create rapport and inspire an opt-in, an inquiry or a sale. Whether you're an aspiring copywriter, a write-it-yourself business owner or a product manager hunting for a competitive edge, you'll want to devour veteran wordsmith Marcia Yudkin's advice on strategies that sell. Vivid examples and vignettes from research studies illustrate her tips.

Marcia Yudkin is the author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity - now in its third edition - and 14 other books.

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