Break Through Phobias E Motion Books

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A phobia is a strong irrational fear that induces high levels of panic or anxiety, and often results in complete avoidance of particular situations or circumstances. What is being experienced is the natural self-defence mechanism the fight or flight response, responding to psychological fear and worry instead of real physical danger. The rewind technique in this program is designed to correct these faulty templates so that the fight or flight response is only triggered in the event of real danger.

E Motion Downloads are based on the Human Givens approach to mental healing and health - the newest and most radical school of psychology in 40 years. This rapidly expanding approach is UK based and dates just from the mid 1990s. The E Motion audio series can complement your Human Givens therapy but can also be used as part of a stand alone self help program.

Mark Bajer is a director of the London Human Givens Centre and a qualified Human Givens practitioner.