Soccer Analytics Assess Performance, Tactics, Injuries and Team Formation through Data Analytics and Statistical Analysis

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Do you love soccer and want to get better in a systematic manner? Or have you ever wondered how top-level coaches and players think about the game? This audiobook is your answer. Analytics are playing an increasing role in the world of soccer. The days of gut instinct representing the main tactic in a game are passing, and a more calculated approach is being applied to coaching and playing. This has the advantage of providing a secure base on which coaches and players can apply their bits of skill, their touches of magic that can turn a game. This audiobook will explain what soccer analytics are and how they work in a game. It will analyze different parts of play during a game and provide ideas and details around how analytics can improve a team during various passages of play. It will show it is possible to carry out analytics without recourse to expensive software and the kind of backroom team that is only possible in the higher levels of the professional game. 


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