The Crimson Trail

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In his fourth series installment, acclaimed author and horror filmmaker Eric Red brings his trademark volatile action and bloody violence to a classic genre, injecting modern speed and grit into Old West legend as Joe Noose and Marshal Bess Sugarland follow a trail of blood through the valley of death … HUNT FOR THE CATTLE DRIVE KILLER Joe Noose knows what fear looks like. He sees it in the eyes of his new friends—a dozen trail-hardened cattle men who don't scare easily. It's not the 500-mile trek across treacherous Montana territory that's got them spooked. It's not the 3,000 heads of cattle they've got to wrangle either. They're afraid that someone on this drive—one of their own team—is a serial killer. Five wranglers are already dead. Every man is a suspect. And the woman rancher in charge is paying Joe Noose to root out the evil on this cursed cattle drive—by riding alongside the killer …


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