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People think that I'm a nice guy. They're wrong!

What they see is the polished, non-threatening, good guy that I want them to see. It helps distract them from the darkness within me. No one can know that I have a sick mind like my dad, the infamous monster from the Red Manor Cult.

Except, unlike him, I suppress my urge to dominate, hurt, and control.

Every day, I tell myself that I'm not my father; that I'm a better man.

But after Jolene began working for me, my control is slipping. It feels like there's a wolf inside me, stirring, growling, and pushing to get to Jolene. The fantasies of the disturbing things the wolf wants to do to her, haunts me.

I can't allow the wolf to get control over me . . . or Jolene!

Contains mature themes.


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