Buddhism for Beginners: A plain and simple Introduction to Zen Buddhism for busy People – discover why Buddhism is true (even without Beliefs) (Guided Meditations and Mindfulness)

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If you want to discover Buddhism in a simple and effective Way, then keep reading! Buddhism has been catching the attention and interest of a lot of people lately. In a world where everything goes fast and is constantly evolving, this ancient philosophy can help to slow down and live a more present and fulfilling life. However, there is a problem: Buddhism seems extremely complicated from the outside. Those who have never studied it think that it is impossible for the average Joe to make his way through all the rules and laws of this philosophy. Truth be told, Buddhism is not as complicated as contemporary Gurus pretend it to be. Due to the powerful teachings shared by the Buddha, Buddhism has been purposely passed on as a complex and difficult philosophy, while in reality, it could not be further from the truth. In fact, Buddhism is the only religion that does not have a defined set of rules that the practitioners must follow. On the contrary, it provides people with moral standards and ethical etiquette, that the single individual can interpret and use as he pleases. Making Buddhism as simple as possible is the aim of this book. Here is what you will discover: - The big difference between Buddhism and all other religions and how it can be crucial for your personal development - The secret healthy lifestyle of monks and how you can apply it in your own life - The teachings of the most important Buddhist personality of the previous century – hint: it is not the Dalai Lama - The secret foods recommended by the Buddha himself for a longer and happier life - The hidden meditation techniques that can help you move toward a more present life; - Much more... Get this book today by clicking the Buy Now button!