Faith According To Jesus Christ How to Grow in the True Knowledge of Our Lord and Savior

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Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? Does it seem that health, wealth, and stability are
always out of reach? Are you looking for the answers to your questions without success? Author
Dallied Kien wants to tell you how to find your answers—and to live the life you deserve.
In Faith According to Jesus Christ: How to Grow in the True Knowledge of Our Lord and Savior,
author Kien shares his own story of success in defeating a terminal disease using only the power
of the Word of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. And, more importantly, he shares his techniques
with you to teach you what you need to do to free yourself from the troubles of this world—and
to share in the joys of the world to come.
Kien addresses the following topics, and many more:
• What is “meekness”—and why do the meek inherit the earth?
• Why must we ask for help in the name of Jesus?
• Why is it important to speak in tongues?
• How can we cure ourselves from focusing on the worries and cares of everyday life?
• How does Obedience to God’s Word act on our faith as fire refines gold and silver and
increases our confidence and trust in God and Jesus?
This is not a book of theory—it is a practical book filled with the knowledge and steps you can
follow to attain your perfect life, both on earth and in heaven. By focusing on specific passages
from both the Old Testament and the New Testament—each chosen to point toward a different
need or want in your life—you will find that through prayer and meditation, you, too, can
begin to reshape your life.
You canobtain the life Jesus and His Father have planned for you, if you only take the time to
practice the four stages of faith laid out within these pages.


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