Ancient Rome The history of the Roman Empire and its Emperors

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Discover the story of the greatest empire in history. Randy Jackson travels back into the age of Caesar and takes you with him.

Listen to stories of war and power that changed forever the future of years to come. From the conquest of the Mediterranean to the destruction of the Roman Empire by barbarian invaders, we will cover every single aspect in the Roman history.

Prepare for a time travel. Prepare to meet Pompey, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero, Constantine and many personalities who changed the way we live.

Augustus Caesar narrates the story of the single man who had the most influence over the story of our world. Caesar was a strong personality. He's intriguing, intelligent, strategic, smart and ambitious. His life is full of drama, gambles, risks and success. A true leader of men.

In this audiobook, we will discover the life of Caesar Augustus, his major accomplishments, and the man behind the emperor. This is a truly unique biography.


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