Communication in Relationships How to Be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak and Slow to Anger for a Deeper Love and Intimacy in Your Relationship

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In this book you will find how to:

  • Effectively resolve conflicts and restore relationships using The Melfox Method
  • Actually LOOK FORWARD to talking about conflict, instead of dreading it!
  • Improve awareness; think more clearly and communicate more concisely
  • Understand the real cause of relationship problems, and how to get rid of them.
  • Have fewer arguments, and more attraction and respect with your partner.
  • You will learn some of the top communication strategies in order to listen, be heard and reduce conflict in your relationships.

Communication in relationships is all about telling the other party about your feelings, desires, fears, frustrations, dreams, etc. However, effective communication is also about getting heard. You might spend several minutes telling your partner about something that is disturbing you, but is they really paying attention? Are your words going to have any impact on them? Effective communication is not only about what you are trying to say, but how and when you decide to say it.Communication builds up your relationship. Lack of it can keep partners apart, and over time, lose affection and feelings for one another, even as they live under the same roof. Communication is the nourishment of relationships. Not just marriage relationship, relating with your coworkers, friends, families, kids, and parents demand some amount of effective communication and at a certain quality. “Some things need to be discussed or you may not be able to achieve peace.” This book will be devoted to providing a very detailed look at how to acquire a life free from difficult communication in marriage as well as an introductory and advanced education on how to successfully recover from it.