Morning Light A Guided Meditation

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Start your day with beautiful music and inspiration! Experience the exuberance, power and lightness of your own being! Revel in the joy, love and peace.

Clear any concerns you might have about the day; envision best possible outcomes; establish yourself in your divine center.

The three versions of Morning Light offer solutions for your changing needs.

Version One is for days when you just want to get out the door and need quick centering and inspiration; about 13 minutes.

Version Two additionally helps you clear any worries you might have about a person that day; about 18 minutes.

Version Three is for days when you have lots of time and want to spend it looking deeper into your being, transforming, healing and setting highest intentions for your life; about 30 minutes.

Used regularly, Morning Light will deepen your awareness allowing you to create your highest soul expression in the world.

Narrated by Meagan Moses.

Music by Rebecca Reads.

Headphones are recommended.