Adventure Books for Kids 3 Action Stories for Kids (Children’s Adventure Stories)

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Three action stories for kids.

Story One: This is what the king's messenger told him. Corbin was a rebel, he was someone who wouldn't bow to the oppressive rules the dictator imposed upon his village. And because of that, he was banished. He was forgotten, but little did they realize that he would return. Hear about betrayal, revolution, and a sincere desire to liberate the people from tyranny in this book about a true warrior.

Story Two: One castle, two sides, the one white and the other black...the one gloomy and the other radiating light, each to their divorced parents' preference. In this story of two knights, Radius and Exdobor have always stuck together. They accept each other's' differences, but become suspicious when a scheming servant traps their pride with an anonymous object. The end result is a big battle and a ferocious fight between the siblings. Find out what else happens in this exciting book about two knights.

Story Three: Valentina the witch is a little dyslexic, which is why she has a hard time getting that one potion right. But when her book is snatched away by a jealous teacher, one who envies her beauty, she is determined to do something about it. Enjoy this short story about pearls, dragons, potions, beauty, enmity, and friendship. Find out what Valentina has to do to strengthen the bond between her and someone in need.


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