Garro: Short Stories

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Perfect for lovers of warhammer 40,000, star wars and science fiction.

Containing 22 short stories, this book builds upon the Garro Universe through 22 amazing, thrilling and fascinating short stories that will make you fall further in love with the Garro universe as we explore lore and events that have never been seen before.

Stories include are:


Becoming a Magi

Armour of Faith


How to turn a mortal

Mystical Faith

Deathly resurrection

Humans and politics

Foes and fire

Protector of the Faith

Discovering the Ciarog

The Ciarog Interrogation

Agent of the Grand Master

Letter of Truth

Traveller’s Hell


Garro: Past

Assassin’s Game

Politician’s War

Civilian’s Diary

Death of the Faithful



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