Adventure Books for Kids 3 in 1 of the Best Adventures for Kids (Kids’ Adventure Stories)

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Story 1: Grandma tells her grandchildren about Valerius, a brave young man who faced numerous hordes of filthy creatures and fights for his life. The village of Soriah has a dark past, and fate has caught up with them. The only person standing between an endless life of doom and the wandering of undead zombies and skeletons is a foreign farmer’s boy, who discovers that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting an epic adventure in search of a special sword in "Legend of the Sword".

Story 2: The gem specialist Braden stubbornly lets his jungle guide go and finds himself in a dangerous place of storms, predators, and diseases. His life is about to end, or so he assumes. But then he meets the locals, men who have survived in this wild climate for decades. Something else is about to take place, something big, something related to a secret jungle object with power. Will the tribe help Braden or will they turn against him? Don’t wait any longer to discover the events in this powerful survival story with a hint of romance, booby traps, and dangerous animals in "Jungle Adventure".

Story 3: This audio storybook is about a guy who is happy with his little blue finch and has a lot of fun with it. However, the honest, sincere guy is in trouble when his bird gets lost. He is very upset. He wonders if he will ever see his favorite animal again. But after wallowing in self-pity for a few moments, he is determined to find his bird. This diary shows you some funny and extraordinary happenings in the life of an ordinary man who follows his favorite animal and faces several confronting memories in "Diary of a Wimpy Guy".


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