Virtual Reality

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" Virtual Reality" is the book about strong sexual attraction and lust. The world had changed rapidly; in 2072 year everything became part of virtual reality. Every person in the world had created her own virtual ворлд. Тhe old generation people use to say “If you live in a dream, nothing is real; we don’t know how people will have kids. Maybe this is the end of humanity…” but scientists provided an answer to satisfy the human need for sex and a solution to the pregnancy problem. Most kids had been conceived artificially. It was common for a person to never meet his or her other half. All the marriages had become, like everything else, just another part of the virtual world. The real problem arose after the child was born. People didn’t want to leave their virtual paradise, not even to care for the needs of their children. Slowly the population started decreasing and people started struggling with disease because they didn’t even want to unplug long enough to participate in physical activities. In 2072 the group of scientists starts program that will encourage the people for more physical activities as they used an old technology from a facility that been use in the past as a "pleasures place" and the name of that facility was "Dream World" ... that group experimented with technology that mixed their virtual and real world and they discovered that only real in the worlds is the real world.