The Cozy Cabin. A Sleep Story for Adults

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In The Cozy Cabin you are guided through a beautiful winter landscape to a little cabin. There is a fire burning in a fireplace, making the cabin feel nice and sleepily warm. Besides wood, the fire is fed by thoughts and emotions. With the help of your imagination, you surrender stress and other difficult emotions to the fire, which will turn them all into ash and smoke. After this, you will lie down in a bed that is so comfortable that it is easy for your body to relax. The relaxed feeling in your body makes you sleepier and sleepier. So sleepy that you eventually (hopefully) fall asleep.

The Cozy Cabin is meant to help listeners fall asleep. Since both the language and the music are very relaxing and are meant to make you sleepy, you should not listen to this sleep story around anyone operating a vehicle. Should you want to listen on a night bus or road trip, please use headphones.

This sleep story is written to suit adults but can also be used by older children (10+) and teenagers. 

Read by the author. Background music: Pure Relaxation, by Chris Collins.

NOW AVAILABLE IN A DAYTIME EDITION! The Winter Cabin, a daytime version of The Cozy Cabin was released in 2021.

The Cozy Cabin is also available in Swedish, the author’s native language. Swedish title: Den mysiga stugan. En sömnsaga för vuxna. The author’s pseudonym in Swedish is Sophie Grace Meditationer. 

Sophie Grace Meditations is a Swedish meditation instructor, translator, and author who began writing guided meditations, relaxation exercises, and sleep stories because she could not find content that she enjoyed listening to. Since first starting in 2014, the products have been sold, checked out, and streamed over one million times across various types of platforms. Titles in Swedish and English are always narrated by the author. Titles in other languages are narrated by voiceover artists.