3 Adventure Stories for Children

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Three adventure stories for kids in one book.

Story 1: Sarah and Shelley seem to be two opposites. One of them likes fast, powerful stuff, while the other is more sensitive and detailed. They get along...most times; and they decided to keep the same journal together but not to read each others' entries. In this funny compilation of journal entries from two very different personalities, you'll hear about their opposing emotions and laugh your head off when you learn of their contradicting views.

Story 2: Martha doesn't consider herself the crème of the crop to the eligible young men in her neighborhood, but when somebody tells her she is a princess, her lifestyle and charisma change immediately. With that being said, it doesn't come easy for her to adjust to the habits and perfect her princess skills. Do you like princesses? Then this little book is a fun listen to enjoy.

Story 3: They hate each other. They like each other. They love each other. They argue with each other...this love book is about a couple that goes through the motions of a typical rollercoaster relationship. Sharon and Russell work at the same company and do whatever it takes to get to the top. But when they have to make some tough choices, they realize that their feelings for each other exceed any ambitions they have. Will this lovely couple make it through and overcome their challenges?


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