Screw Self Doubt And Boost Confidence Know What Self-Esteem Is ,Boost Confidence and End Self Doubt

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Given the same skills , same knowledge ,same ability , but ,why are some people more successful than others? 


The bigger self-confidence you have , the bigger success you can achieve . And let me tell you this , self confidence is not self born , you gain confidence by understanding the psychology behind it , thru different scenario that you encounter daily , by achieving success and of course getting know your fear and overcome it .

In this powerful book you learn how to develop great self-confidence in every area of your life .

You'll learn how to:

- The connection between you and the level of self confidence you have 

- How to gain self confidence

- Have good understanding about self esteem ,self Efficacy and self doubt . 

- How to works towards self confidence

- How to end self doubt

and so much more!!